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Lab-Grown Diamonds

What is Lab Grown Diamond ?

The only thing that distinguishes a Lab-Grown diamond from a natural diamond is its origin. A diamond created by a lab is “grown” inside a laboratory using state-of-the-art technology that replicates the process of growing natural diamonds. The result is a man-made diamond which is the same chemically, physically, and optically as those grown beneath the surface of the Earth.

You’ve undoubtedly heard varying views about the nature and value of laboratory-created diamonds, but the fact is that there’s no “better” when it comes to laboratory-created diamonds and mined diamonds. They both produce beautiful, high-quality gemstones, each with an intriguing history, representing the world’s best sentiment-love
We recognise that diamonds are an valuable investment, however, and you want (and deserve) the information that you need to make an educated purchase.
We have developed this guide as a detailed reference to help you understand more about diamonds produced in the laboratory.
We would discuss how diamonds made by laboratories compare with natural diamonds in terms of quality, how they are manufactured and how their nature makes them commercially, ethically and environmentally distinct.

Are Lab-Grown Diamonds real?

As lab-created diamonds keep on developing in fame, diamond customers will pose themselves this accurate inquiry. Yet, the one in particular who can respond to that question is the customer.Everything comes down to what in particular is essential to you. You may pick a mined diamond since you feel they hold a specific hugeness and are one of nature’s wonders with a baffling cause.

Or then again, you might be pulled in to a lab-created diamond since you feel they mean a cutting edge love and the unimaginable movement of innovation. While some might need to discuss which kind of diamond is “better,” in actuality, mined diamonds and lab-made diamonds aren’t in rivalry with each other. Diamonds speak to love, and love will be love. The genuine criticalness of the diamond you pick isn’t in its source. It’s not the amount you paid. It’s not how it’s evaluated. It’s not its size. The centrality of the diamond you pick is the affection it speaks to.

Basic Difference Between Natural & Lab Grown Diamond

Natural DiamondLab Grown Diamond
Is it DiamondYesYes
Chemical CompositionCarbonCarbon
Origin of the DiamondMined From The Beneath The surface of the earthEco Friendly Diamonds Growing Laboraties
Is It Fake ?NoNo
Formation PeriodMore Than a Billion Years30-60 days
PriceBase On The Market Forces & Rarity Of The StoneAbout 20%-40% Cheaper Than Mined Diamonds
Cut & PolishSameSame

Why choose a Pradeep Enterprise Diamond?

At Pradeep Enterprise, every diamond has quality finishing combined with personal touch. All our diamond seeds have been handpicked to design a meticulous blend of maximum size and brilliance possible. Our lab created diamonds offer excellent value and are more affordable than natural diamonds of comparable quality and size. With Pradeep Enterprise gem stones, we provide to our customers, complete details of its origin.